Vajrasana – Improving Digestive Power

Vajrasana – Improving Digestive Power

Vajrasana is one of the few asanas which can be performed immediately after taking food. It is also recommended to practise Vajrasana for few minutes after taking food. As per Hindu mythology, Vajra is a weapon which was possessed by Indra, mythological king of various gods or demigods. This weapon created by the bones of Sage Dadhichi, who sacrificed himself so that his bones could be used to fight against the evil demons.

In some schools of yoga, this poses also known as Virasana (Vir – Warrior or hero). This asana is good for practising Pranayama and Meditation.

How to Practice Vajrasana?

  • Kneel on a soft surface like folded blanket.
  • Fold the toes inside. Sit on the inside of your heels. The heels should be touching the outside of the buttocks
  • Keep your hands on the knees and try to keep the spine straight.
  • Close your eyes and relax
  • Be in the pose for time which is comfortable to you and then come out of it. Usually you should try to sit in this pose for at least 5 minutes.
  • If pain is felt on the ankles then come out of the pose. Again try to get into the pose after some time. Try to increase the time in the pose. One good way to practice this could be sitting in this pose while watching TV or reading a book.

Benefits of Vajrasana

  • It is very easy to keep the spine straight in the pose and therefore one of the recommended asanas practicing meditation and pranayamas where you need to keep the straight for long amount of time.
  • People who have frequent muscle pain in the legs benefit from this pose, when practiced regularly for few months.
  • This asana is good for people which problems in digestive systems. There are various acupressure points on the back of the legs which are pressed when sitting in this pose. Sitting in this pose immediately after taking food also makes sure that there is more blood flow to the pelvic region and stomach, which aids in digestion.
  • It makes the ankles flexible and strengthens the legs.
  • It is also supposed to be good for Hernia.